1DEA Studios, LLC is a software development start-up company founded in July 2016. In an increasingly technological world, it’s important for organizations to use software technology to keep operations running smoothly. That’s where 1DEA Studios comes in – creating innovative software and mobile applications for organizations to digitize, store, and organize data. 1DEA Studios aims to create user-friendly software for organizations in need of more efficient ways to manage their data and interact with users. As a small business, 1DEA Studios strives to offer the best service, with personalized attention, consultations, and communication, which are critical to a successful project.

Our Story

Founded in 2016, 1DEA Studios was founded by Sravya and Edwin, two recent college graduates in Boston interested helping organizations use technology to improve their organizational systems. While volunteering at a homeless day shelter in the clothing distribution department, Sravya and Edwin noticed that the center was using paper slips to take orders and inventory, and storing the information on rudimentary excel spreadsheet, which is not only mundane and time consuming, but also produce excess paper waste. As a result, the two volunteers proposed and designed an android application and a more secure means of storing data for the shelter, drastically improving the efficiency and capabilities of the homeless shelter. Since then, 1DEA Studios was born with the goal of designing software and technology to help organizations expand and streamline their operational capabilities.

Meet the Team

The brains behind 1DEA Studios, helping organizations maximize their potentials through software

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Sravya Madabhushi

Co-Founder and COO

Sravya received her B.A. in Human Geography at Boston University and is currently pursuing her M.D. and MBA at Tufts University. She partnered with Edwin Thai to found 1DEA Studios, LLC in 2016 after volunteering at a homeless day shelter and created an android application to make the clothing distribution program more efficient.


Edwin Thai

Co-Founder and CEO

Edwin received his B.A. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at Boston University and M.S in Medical Sciences at Tufts University. He is currently working as a research assistant. He partnered with Sravya Madabhushi to found 1DEA Studios, LLC in 2016 after also volunteering at a homeless day shelter and creating an android application to make the clothing distribution program more efficient.

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Sankirth Madabhushi

Assistant Operations Coordinator

Sankirth is currently pursuing his B.S. in Health: Science, Society, and Policy at Brandeis University. He is passionate about working with technology and making innovate software more accessible for organizations to help them run more smoothly. He is responsible for maintaining the webpage, drafting contracts, and ensuring the company runs smoothly.